Looking for training? Below are the training classes/workshops that Lauren regularly teaches and that are open to the public. Addfitional topics are available by request. Use the contact form to request a particular subject or a custom one.

Specific Courses/Workshops currently Taught:

Behavior Modification:

Introduction to ABA for Parents

Introduction to ABA for Teachers

Toilet Training Basics for Young Children 

Toilet Training for the Older Child/Adult 

Using Motivating Operations to Improve Behavior

Behavior as a Reflection of Needs 

Relationship Development is Not Social Skills 

Avoiding Power Struggles and Teaching New Skills 

Effective Solutions for Self-Stimulatory Behavior 


Rhythmic Movement Training International: 

The Essentials of RMTI (A Half-Day Introduction)

Rhythm, Movement and Play (A Full Day Introduction)

Level One - For Focus, Organization and Comprehension

Level Two - For Learning, Memory and Behavior

Level Three - For Reading and Writing

RMT for School Readiness


Integrated Developmental Educational Approach (IDEA) to Learning System:

IDEA Learning System: Introduction to Neurodevelopment

IDEA Learning System: Introduction to Relationship Development

IDEA Learning System: Introduction to Behavior Modification

IDEA Learning System: Introduction to Cognitive Skills Training

IDEA Learning System for Parents

IDEA Learning System in the Classroom


Brain Gym:

Brain Gym 101, a 3-day introduction to Educational Kinesiology